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  • The Locum is self-employed and responsible for his or her own tax and National Insurance.
  • I declare that the facts I enter on the registration form will be accurate and undertake to notify Locumprime immediately of any change in status.
  • I understand that I am under no obligation whatsoever to accept any locum engagement offered to me through Locumprime, but that once I have given my verbal acceptance of a locum engagement offered, this is a binding contract unless agreement to terminate or cancel is given by the other party. I also understand that any breach of the agreement by the Employer engaging me is not the responsibility of Locumprime, on whom I have no claim. Any claim for loss of earnings is to be made by me directly with the Employer.
  • I understand that Locumprime is not responsible for the payment of my fee, which is payable directly to me by the Employer. It is further understood that there is no liability due by me financially to Locumprime Ltd and that no fee is payable by me to Locumprime Ltd in return for obtaining engagements on my behalf.
  • All information given to me by Locumprime Ltd regarding vacancies is strictly confidential and is not to be passed on to any other locum. Similarly, all information regarding any establishment at which I have been engaged is also private and confidential.
  • I acknowledge that the information provided at registration may form the basis of a computerised personnel system to which I have access as determined by the Data Protection Act 1984.